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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get the Professional Wedding Day GLOW that fits in YOUR budget!


Tips for a Wedding Day Glow 

Or any special event that you want to “WOW” people (Reunion, Graduation, etc.)!

That time in your life is finally here. The day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl. You have seen your friends do it, your sister, cousins, etc. Now- it is your day in the spotlight, your time to GLOW. The last thing you need is a big pimple, dry or lackluster skin screwing up your perfect day. We all focus and stress over working out, getting the perfect dress, hairstyle, etc. But- our skin is our best accessory- hence the term "Blushing- Bride". It is never too soon to get a head start on your wedding day complexion. I suggest consulting an aesthetician or dermatologist to discuss any concerns/issues. Then, it is time to decide on your bridal boot-camp skincare plan of action! Don't be afraid to try these skin treatments. I was nervous at first because the terms "abrasion" and "peel" aren't too "a-peeling" (haha). If you’ve never had a facial before, have one right away so you know how your skin will react. Get recommendations from friends, from your favorite blogs, magazine beauty-editor blogs, makeup artists, etc. My suggestion is to try these long before your wedding just to see how your skin reacts. You will probably be surprised at the results! 

Keep Reading by clicking "Read More" below, to find out facial treatments to consider, what to expect, and how you can fit this in your budget!

Treatments to consider:

·        Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments exfoliate the top layers of skin where damage, scarring and fine lines form. Leaves skin looks refreshed, glowing and resurfaced up to a few weeks after a service. To maintain or enhance results, several treatments are recommended on a weekly or monthly basis.

·        Gentle Peels

For uneven skin texture, sun damage and acne scars, consider a gentle chemical or acid peel (don't let the name scare you!). Peels remove damaged layers of skin and can be performed weekly or monthly depending on skin type. Stronger peels can leave behind a few side effects including redness, peeling and mild irritation (these are more effective on aged skin). One gentle treatment deeply cleanses, makes pores appear smaller gives skin a dewy, fresh looking appearance. Results are visible within 24 to 48 hours and last up to 6 months. Keep in mind that after your treatment you cannot wash your face or go out into the sun for at least a day and make sure to cover up with sunblock for at least two weeks after your peel. 

·        Acne Facials


If you do not want to go for the lasers or more invasive skincare treatments (understandably), acne facials are a great option to detoxify skin and diminish acne breakouts. Blemishes and redness begin to fade after one treatment. To see full results, treatments should be performed every two weeks until skin is clear. 

·        Oxygen Facials

Most of Hollywood’s freshest faces that we "wish we had their skin" owe their flawless complexions to oxygen facials. Intraceutical Oxygen Facials, leave skin looking positively radiant without any discomfort whatsoever.

The ideal finish to any of these treatments is skin that feels cool to the touch and looks smooth, dewy and evenly colored . If you have sensitive skin (like ME), you may have some redness that should fade quickly. If you’re happy with your results, then schedule another one with the same aesthetician or dermatologist for no less than 2 weeks before the Big Day. Most professionals suggest a refresher facial without extractions to avoid risk of redness or breakouts. No matter what anyone tells you, traditional facials are great for making skin a better makeup canvas for your day. Even after your big day, you will see your natural GLOW and may find yourself needing less makeup! 

GROUPON is Your Best Friend!!! I get deals for facials, treatments, etc. on Groupon constantly that makes everything super affordable and realistic for my budget. Also, there are several places locally that offer a free consultation, and a complimentary peel! I have taken advantage of this, and could not be happier with the results. For information on where I went, and the experiences I had, email me @
Much Love, Meg

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