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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I'm soooo new at this :) Don't judge your girl

Hey everyone!! I never thought in a million years I would be inspired/motivated to start a blog... but here I am. I have girls message me everyday asking me how I did my make-up for a certain event, or what products I am using, things I am experiencing as I go through the wedding planning stages, etc. I figured instead of answering questions every time I post a picture, or a status on Facebook/Twitter, that I should just share my experiences, advice, do's/don'ts, etc. I also have a lot of friends that come to me for advice (only because I was the queen of shenanigans, and they know I've been there/bought the T-shirt). This is something I truly appreciate and love. I have been through a lot, and made TONS of mistakes. Sometimes we just have to use our mistakes from the past to help others. This is what builds our character, and makes us interesting! Anything that can help you Glow on the inside and outside is what I will be sharing! If you have any specific things you want to read about, any questions, or ideas, please give me a shout by emailing me at Please follow me on twitter @meglow8, and add me on facebook! Much love <3

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