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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Golden Words For Your Skin-Care Regimen: Word # 1

The Golden Words of Glowing SKIN

Do you have a skin-care regimen? By the time we are in our mid-twenties, we should have a routine skin-care regimen in place. It is important not to over-do our skin regimen, since that can "stress" your skin and cause it to be irritated. Also, we must make sure what we are doing is truly necessary. It is important to know what gives the best result over time, and provides your skin what it craves.  

Here is Golden Word Number One:

Exfoliate: It is so important to exfoliate your skin about once a week. There is a difference between washing your face and exfoliating. We should wash our face in the morning with gentle cleansers for a fresh palette to apply our make-up too, and before we go to sleep, to wash the dead skin, make-up, oil, and dirt build-up. The facial cleansers we choose should not have the harsh treatments, parabens, or fillers in them (that you get from most stores). I suggest asking a specialist what is best for your skin, especially if it is sensitive like mine. I used products from local stores that only made my face worse! Finally, I found a delicate cleanser that I can't live without! (Just message me directly if you would like to hear about it). Once a week, we should defer to a gentle/textured scrub. These scrubs truly give you the GLOW you desire as they pull away the dead layer of skin that builds up over the week. Also, try the spinning brushes that gently exfoliate giving that healthy, polished shine. Remember it is so important not to over exfoliate your skin (even though the glow you get afterwards is kind of addicting!). 

Myth Busters!!! Most of us have heard the myth that it is OK to sleep in your make-up since it acts as a moisturizer to your skin. That part may be true, BUT there is so much more to the story. There are so many "extra" things in our make-up that are not good to keep on for an extended period of time. It is not good to sleep in your make-up since bacteria can grow, and the oil/dirt/make-up can settle into your pores and existing wrinkles. Not only does this clog your pores for a pimple/blackhead-FEST and make the appearance of wrinkles worse, but it can give your skin a dull and grayish look since dead skin cells build up. We do not want that! INSTEAD, wash your face with a gentle cleanser before you go to bed, and use some good moisture cream (since our skin dehydrates while we sleep). I will share more about that in the up-coming posts. 

*Message me directly if you would like to hear about some amazing products that can help you exfoliate!

Much LOVE from MeGlow!!


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