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Friday, August 30, 2013

Make Your Skin Glow While You are Sleeping, and Wake Up Feeling Refreshed!

How to Make your Skin Glow WHILE YOU ARE SLEEPING... (and for those of us who are NOT morning glories), How to wake up feeling refreshed!

If you are anything like me, you LOVE your sleep. Those 8 +/- hours can be a crucial time to give your skin some lovin'. Just because you are knocked out cold does not mean your skin is off the radar. When you snooze, your metabolic rate is lower, so you are not producing as many skin-damaging free radicals. This is definitely the BEST time to use products! Also, your body is not having to work at skin protection overnight, it can instead focus on repairing the damage done throughout the day. Research shows that our products we use are much more effective at hydrating, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and brightening while we are catching those Zzzzz's. 

Wash Off the Day 

If I have said it in one post, I will say it again... Wash yo' face girl. I have heard of many ladies that don't bother washing their faces before bed, especially if they don't wear makeup. But we have to remember that all the dirt, grime, and oil that has gathered on your skin will clog your pores while you sleep. Products will be more effective on a clean face. Left over make-up can cause break-outs, irritation, and broken lashes. 


Again, I have written about this in several posts, but I truly can not stress the importance of exfoliation. I have suggested mixing baking soda and water (3 parts baking soda to 1 part water) for a cheap/easy fix. Also you can get a spin brush that works nicely. This gives you the look of fresh, youthful glowing skin by scrubbing off the dead surface cells. Just a heads-up- this process can leave your skin a little vulnerable. Exfoliating away the dull surface layers can make you sensitive to the sun and other elements, so it's best to shed that skin at night.
*Philosophy Microdelivery Mini Peel Pads, $35, moisturize your skin while exfoliating with gentle lactic acid. 
*For dull skin, wrinkles, or pigmentation, experts recommend using a retinoid cream, that encourages new skin-cell growth, boosts collagen production, and also unclogs pores.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Did you know that while we are dreaming away, our body temperature goes up? This causes us to sweat and release moisture, which dries out the skin. That is probably why it is so hard to get out of our snuggly beds in the mornings! This is especially true in the winter months, when you have cold, dry air outside and the heat on inside.
*Clinique Moisture Surge, $34, packs hydration into a non-greasy formula that'll help you stay supple while you sleep. 
*You may also want to try a humidifier at night to replenish the moisture in the air.

Lose the Bags 

I sleep so hard that when I wake up, my face is so puffy- especially under my eyes. It is good to splash some cold water on your face and give it a good massage to get the blood flowing. To reduce the puffiness, fine lines and those pesky dark circles, your best bet is to use a solid eye cream. You want to find something that contains peptides that will signal your skin to create more collagen. 
*Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex, $41.25.

Luscious Lips

Who doesn't want those big plump Angelina smackers? I know I do...We all know it takes more than an over the counter cheapo product to help achieve those babies. BUT you can give them a more supple appearance with a little before-bedtime care. Dip a small toothbrush (or your finger-work with me here..) in a little bit of baking soda and water and brush lightly over your lips to gently exfoliate the dead skin. 

*Aquaphor Lip Repair, $4.29, which contains glycerin, ceresin, and panthenol to help soothe and smooth lips. Put on before bed, after exfoliation.

*Good old fashion Vaseline works wonders!

Sleep Position

This ties right in with the paragraph above. PUFFINESS stinks. Your most comfortable sleeping position may not be the best for your face. I have recently read that the single biggest reason for accelerated aging of the skin is sleeping on your face. The reason for this is because the skin is too compressed and doesn't get enough circulation, so it breaks down and creases, forming wrinkles. Experts recommend sleeping on your back, with two pillows under your head to keep the blood flowing. They also say you sleep face down, fluid pools and causes puffiness. No thank ya!
 *If it's too tough to change your sleep position, consider a silk or satin pillow that won't pull at the skin.


Chill-Out Your Skin

This one is a toughy. When are used to being snug in our beds it is very  tempting to hop into a hot shower. That is actually going to make things worse since hot water increases swelling and accentuates puffy bags. GREAT! No wonder I look like a hot-air balloon in the mornings!  It is recommended that we hold a washcloth soaked in cold water over our eyes for a few minutes. Cold water helps shrink inflammation and puffiness as well veins in your eyes so they are not as red. Also, a little invigorating shock from the cold rag will help wake you up. I tried this when I woke up and as unpleasant as this was during the first initial shocker, I wasn't all that bad. I have noticed a difference in my puffy/pouty face this morning!

Lower Your Sodium Intake

If you need to be up early and look your best, you should definitely avoid eating any salty foods after 6:00 pm. As I mentioned earlier, try and sleep with your head propped up on pillows to help fluids drain. Eating foods with excess sodium (you know, all the good stuff!) makes you retain water. If you eat those foods and don't prop up your head to get the proper circulation the water will go to your face and eyelids. The result: bags and droopy lids that are a clear sign you didn't get enough shut-eye.

Upside Down

This little trick I found is pretty cool. Experts say that for that fresh glow, you want to get your heart higher than your head in a slight inversion. By doing so, this encourages more circulation, which promotes a healthy glow while soothing your mind and reducing stress. TRIPLE WHAMMY! Yoga is an excellent way to achieve this effect. If you are anything like me, you can achieve this by bending over to dry your hair. I am the champion of multi-tasking :) 
Turn Around Bright-Eyes! (That's my JAM)
Speaking of my JAM... another way for me to wake-up is to listen to my favorite music to start my day! On another note, to get those bright eyes to make you look like you are awake and refreshed, it is suggested that you apply a highlighting pencil to the inner rim of your eyes. This little trick counteracts droopy lids, redness, and will make your eyes appear whiter and brighter. Also, when you apply a highlighter underneath your brows and under the eyes on the cheekbones, this will brighten up your complexion.  During the daytime, only wearing eyeliner on your upper lids and lashes visually lifts your eyes. It also drives attention away from those dark circles and fine lines under the eye. At night, you can add the eyeliner on the bottom for a more smoky evening look.
*Benefit Eye Bright ($20) a pale pink liner that helps lighten up tired eyes.

*Hemorrhoid cream shrinks puffiness and wrinkles! 

Rise like the Sun

For me, when I hear a nagging alarm it is like hearing Dumb and Dumber's most annoying sound in the world. It doesn't help me to rise peacefully... It TICKS me off! Studies show that if we are instead woken up by the sunlight, we can be more alert and focused. I sleep so hard, I am not sure if I would notice light coming in my window. But, there are devices that can simulate enough sunlight, it causes you to slowly wake. They create a "sunrise" 30 minutes before your set wake time. Pretty cool, huh? I suggest trying this on a day that you don't have to be somewhere at any certain time... just to experiment if it works for you!
*Philips Wake-up Light ($99.99)

Stop and Smell the Roses

There have been several studies that suggest keeping fresh flowers in your home can make you feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and happy at work. What woman doesn't love flowers? Set your favorites (mine are Tulips) on your nightstand or dresser — anywhere you can see them as you open your eyes. Ahhhhhh, how refreshing :)

Citrus Burst

Did you know that there are certain scents that stimulate the brain causing you to feel more awake and refreshed?There are three scents that get the job done the best... they are: jasmine, which increases the brain waves associated with alertness, and citrus and peppermint scents, which induce wakefulness. So lather-up or spray on your favorite scents, eat a juicy orange, or pop in some peppermint gum and take a deep breath!
Much Love to you All!!!! MegLow

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