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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Look In My Bag of Tricks: Contouring

Click here for: Kim Kardashian Contouring secrets!

Check out this link for some serious contouring secrets. I do not recommend putting on as much as she does (since most of us are not constantly being photographed), but the general effect is what we are looking for. For instance, I have broken my nose three times, and I hate that it is not symmetrical. When you use certain contouring and highlighting effects correctly, they have the desired effect of changing what draws the attention of the eye. When I know I am having my picture taken, I will use these highlighting and contouring effects to make my nose look much more "straight" than it is! For my everyday look, I just put a small amount of highlighting cream or concealer on my trouble spots to get a similar effect without so much make-up. For the "Contouring" effect, I simply use blush (don't get carried away, LOL). Also, if you have the dark circles under the eyes (from lack of sleep, genetics, etc.), this trick helps to highlight those! Highlights and blush give your skin that healthy/vibrant glow that we all crave! 

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