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Monday, October 15, 2012

Out with the Orange

OK- We all know we feel so much prettier with a tan, right? I know I do.  I would try on bathing suits and clothes under the horrifying fluorescent lights in dressing rooms -you know, the ones that make you hate your life? The ones that make you want to throw everything you just tried on in a dumpster because you look fat and pale? AND, the ones that made your skin look disgusting?! After leaving the shopping center, I would feel depressed and ugly. I would diet and tan my life away until I felt better! I used to tan every other day, and for some reason, it made me feel skinnier!And for the time being, it made my face seem more clear, and less oily. Then I hit a brick wall.  Not only did I notice larger pores and WRINKLES over time, but it is extremely dangerous. I have more sun spots on me that I need to monitor and have checked by a dermatologist. Have you ever looked in one of those lights that show the UV damage you have gotten over the years? I have.... there was my brick wall- and it HURT. Now that I am getting married, I have decided to truly focus on my skin, and getting it healthy again for the wedding. I have not tanned in a tanning bed in a year, and wear SPF 20 daily. I have seen incredible improvements!! Flawless, supple, even-toned skin is so much more attractive than the leathery look. Trust me, you will regret it if you do not start taking care of your skin NOW. It is never too late to start. If you want a nice, healthy color and glow (and still want that "skinny" look/feeling) go for a spray-tan. Just make sure it is not very dark, and they only go over your face lightly! Stay tuned to learn about more products I use to help my skin glow!

Here are some pictures showing my skin improvements. I have less puffiness, less sun spots, more supple/ moisturized skin, less wrinkles, more even skin tone. That is a combination for LESS MAKE-UP!

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