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Friday, December 14, 2012


Some Bridal Buzz Tips From My Wedding Day, December 1st, 2012!

Some of these topics might be a little crazy, but they are everyday issues we all face... Just keeping it real.

**Check out this article by clicking the link below for an amazing DIY mask to give you the wedding-day glow! I tried it, and was blown away by the results!**

One thing you should invest in on your big day is AIRBRUSH MAKE-UP...

For those of us who were not born with the perfect, China-doll complexion, the airbrush foundation application is the way to go. It makes your pores look tiny, and gives you the porcelain/flawless finish we all strive for. You know, the ones you see in every picture you pin on Pinterest? I did it for my engagement photos and for my wedding day! Believe me, it is the way to go.

My skin was doing the best EVER until 2 days before my wedding- OF COURSE. All the anxiety/stress/excitement showed themselves right in the middle of my forehead, which is very common for most brides. With the airbrush make-up you could not even see the bump in person, much less the photography!

A little hint, in case this happens to you:

DO NOT SQUEEZE! Trust me, that is harder than it seems. It only makes things ten times worse. My make-up artist let me know that the best thing to do is to use a warm compress on the area with the break-out. Take a washcloth and moisten it with hot water. Fold it up and apply it to the pimple.  As the outer folds of the washcloth start to cool, refold it so the warmer inside layers are exposed and reapply.  After 10 or 15 minutes when the washcloth has cooled off, run it under more hot water to get it hot again and repeat.  Keep doing this for as long as you've got time. Visine eye-drops reduce the redness in the pimple. You can squeeze some on a Q-tip or cotton ball and apply. AND you wont believe what you can use to shrink it!!! Keep reading ;)

*~My Bag of Tricks~* In my bag of tricks for the wedding, one of the most important things I made sure I had was..... Preparation H cream!! Not for the intended use of course- haha! Any hemorrhoid cream does WONDERS on under-eye circles, bags, and puffiness. I got about 3 hours of sleep the night before my wedding because I was so excited. The next morning, it would have been very obvious. I applied the cream before I went to sleep. When I woke up, I could not believe how effective that was! The point of the cream is to shrink swelling/ inflammation on the area in which it is applied (gross, I know). So, it also shrinks the swelling of pimples! Pretty cool stuff. The only downfall is, it is kind of embarrassing when you buy some at the drug store :) 

Another remedy for under eye puffiness (if you have more time) is potato slicesRaw potato slices will help tighten baggy, puffy eyes. All you need is a potato and a knife or slicer! Leave them on for 10 minutes. They truly work wonders. The last remedy for the pesky under-eye circles/puffiness is the frozen spoon trick. Freeze two spoons over-night. The morning of your big day completely dry under your eyes (you know why- go ahead, get a mental picture of the spoons being frozen to your face, lol). Lie down and place the bottom part of the spoons on your eyes. Once the coldness of the back of the spoons dissipates, turn them over to the scooped side. Leave the spoons in that position until they get warm.
If you have any crazy remedies in your Bag of Tricks, I would love to hear about them!! We all need affordable, DIY, at-home remedies to help with those every day pesky problems, and to help us look our best on our big day!

Much Love!!! Meg

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