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Friday, January 11, 2013

Wake up~ Make up

I have recently been asked to write about make-up tips, etc. Thank you so much for the feedback and interest!!
We all have so much potential to look and feel our best. Do we need to glam up everyday? Heck no! The more you dress up and fix up, the less of a statement you make on those special occasions. Yes, bringing out your natural beauty with a little make-up everyday is key. BUT- Even though they are SO much fun, all-out glam sessions are for special events/ nights on the town, etc. 
When it comes to getting ready in the morning (I am still half asleep) my makeup routine has to be quick and simple. Half the time I do this in my car (shhhh). Here are some ways to apply your make up to highlight your natural beauty/features on a daily basis!
*First off, keep your everyday makeup together in one compartment in your makeup bag. Separating it from your special-occasion products will save you the time of trying to find it in the morning.
* I start by applying a BB Cream (Garnier is the best for the money!) to a clean face. It has moisturizers, SPF, and evens skin tone. It conceals blemishes and gives you that beautiful even complexion we all want. It is definitely the BIG thing right now. 

*I apply my mineral powder make-up to add a sheer finish... and for those of us who have the under-eye circles and occasional blemishes, a little concealer here and there will do the trick. My fave is the Maybelline Instant Age rewind concealer.
*I never leave the house without a little blush on my cheeks! This makes you look natural, young, and fresh (unless you over-do it...we aren't going for the Toddlers in Tiaras look here). 

*Lightly fill in the eyebrows- This frames your eyes so you need less makeup to make them POP
*Swipe some shimmery neutral eye shadow on the lid and a slightly darker tone in the crease- Love Mary Kay creamy shadows that dry instantly without the annoying creases.

*Add a little bit of mascara +/- eyeliner. I am OBSESSED with Mary Kay Ultimate Lash and RIMMEL London Lash Accelerator. If you add eyeliner, keep it subtle and soft. 
*Don't forget to curl the lashes!
*Finish with a natural color gloss with a little shimmer

WE CAN'T FORGET THE GLAM SESSIONS!! Check out the link below.

Victoria's Best Kept Secrets | Maskcara

This spoke right to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE This blog :) I also LOVE her mission statement..." I am a make-up artist and lover of all beautiful things. I think most people are twice as beautiful as they give themselves credit for. Inside & out. I am on a journey to change that...". In her blog she teaches about Highlighting and contouring (like in my previous post), and how to get that Victoria Secret Model VAVOOM for nights out on the town! 
I will go more in depth for how to get those sexy eyes and flawless skin for the big occasions we all anticipate in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned, and STAY Fabulous :)


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